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Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi History Profile Biography

Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi is an Islamic scholar from Sunni Brelvi school of thought. He used to deliver Friday sermons at Pir Makki Masjid, near Daata Darbar Lahore. When Ghazi Mumtaz Hussain Qadri Shaheed killed Salman Taseer (The governor of Punjab who termed 295C as black law) with 27 bullets, Allama Sahib showed open support for Mumtaz Qadri. It annoyed the government of Mian Nawaz Sharif and resulted in his job being terminated, confiscating all benefits of long service with Aukaf (اوقاف) department.

Allama Sahib happily accepted this punishment for speaking his mind out and refused later attempts of the government to pay his dues and a job offer for his son. His resolve to side with Mumtaz Qadri grew only stronger. Allama Sahib is a paraplegic in a wheelchair due to an accident a few years back. Despite his physical condition, he is one of the most traveling scholars,  delivering sermons in the width and breadth of Pakistan.

Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi History Profile Biography

Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi History Profile Biography

In January 2016 Allama Sahib organized a rally in Lahore in favor of 295C. The peaceful rally was attacked by police and the attendees were subjected to water cannon and baton charges. Allama Sahib has been home arrested and imprisoned several times for raising his voice in the protection of blasphemy laws and Khatam-E-Nabuwwat clauses of the constitution of Pakistan.

Though his lower body is paralyzed, he was dragged and forced to stand on his legs. When he entered the prison, an inspector approached him and ordered him to stand for a search. Allama  Sahib was unable to comply on which that cruel man pulled Allama Sahib out in demeaned manner. (Later Allama Sahib described that the man approached him for forgiveness of his cruel behavior. Reportedly the inspector had a stroke of paralysis and is himself a disabled person now. Allama Sahib replied I have done nothing to you. I even do not recognize you. You were performing your duty and I was performing mine. ‘The masters we work for, they are not unaware of our situation’ , or in Urdu: “جن مالکوں کا ہم کام کرتے ہیں وہ دیکھ رہے ہیں”)

When Allama Sahib entered the jail he was handcuffed to his chair. A policeman carried him to several cells to convince him no space is available. Finally, they put Allama Shaib in a dirty cell the condition of which in Allama Sahib’s words is ” inhabitable even for animals”. There were cockroaches in the cell. Allama Sahib informed the cockroaches, “Do not come near me as you know I am brought here for no crime other than the love of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him)”.

The cockroaches did not trouble him. Being a disabled person Allama Sahib had carried a servant with him to prison who was separated. Allama Sahib did not take more than a few water sips for fear that he would not be able to attend the washroom on his own.

In March of the same year Ghazi Mumtaz Hussain Qadri embraced Shahadat when the corrupt government of Mian Nawaz Sharif misinformed Ghazi Sahib’s relatives that he is in critical condition and all family should visit him. In the mean time Ghazi Sahib was sleeping in his cell. At midnight he was awakened and informed that his death sentence would be executed that very night to which he replied, “I am ready”. The bold action of Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri and the great sacrifice he made in jail are topics of Allama Sahib’s speeches.

On 9 November 2016 Allama Sahib organized a Fatihah prayer at the Dr. Iqbal Mausoleum Lahore. He and his followers were being restricted by the rangers deployed at the grave. Allama Sahib made a small speech in the shape of a dialogue with Iqbal and asked him the question why he stood up with the Ghazi Ilam ud Din Shaheed and be considered a hero but Molvi Khadim Hussain stood with Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri and is taken as a terrorist. Allama Sahib is included in the fourth schedule, a clause to restrict the movement of highly dangerous criminals who need to inform of their movements. Allama Sahib often say, “Look I am a disabled person on a wheelchair and I am on the fourth schedule for my crime taking a stand for the respect of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him)”. The anti-terrorism act has started to become a tool to silence opposition. The application of ATA is highly questionable as these were used in minor road rage incidents by honorable judges.

The Brelvi majority of Pakistan was the only group winning public support for army’s operation against militancy in Northern Pakistan. Sadly, because Pakistan government and Pakistan Army are highly influenced by Saudi Arabian funded Wahabi thoughts, they started war against Brelvies of Pakistan. Arrested Imams and Moazzins for saying Call of Prayer “too loudly” and  for reciting Darood Sharif before the Azzan. Heavy fines were imposed on Imams for breech of ethics that prohibit saying prayers in praise of Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him). By doing so Army practically tried to axe its own feet as these were the only people who garnered unconditional public support for anti-terrorism operations when Deobandi and Wahabi gave fatwa that army personnel dying in war-on-terror are not Shaheed. Sadly one cleric head of a religious political party even went so far to say a dog is Shaheed but a soldier is not.

Quotes by Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi

  • If someone opts to not serve the cause of Islam, Islam does not kneel before him for help. Instead it empowers the weeks to stand before aggressors and awards them victory.
  • It is only Islam that honors a police constable that 6 million people attend his funeral.
  • The Islamic clerics, scholars and leaders who saved their mosques, madrasas and  turbans instead of coming out to protect the respect of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him), their services are no more required by Islam.
  • I can not understand clerics and Sufi visiting UK and western nations. What kind of preaching and service to Islam they do when these nations practice publishing of blasphemous cartoons and films.
  • Islam preaches peace as well as self-respect. People teach Islam is peace and mean it to give out the message:
    • O daughters of Kashmir; you can jump in river Jehlum as there is no Shah Mehmood Ghaznavi coming to save your respect from Hindus, do not expect help from us as Islam teaches peace now.
    • O daughters of Syria, no Salahud Din Ayyubi will come to save you as Islam preaches peace now a days.
    • O daughters and sons of Burma, don’t expect help from us as Islam teaches peace.
  • Ghazi Tanveer Qadri killed the qadiani (Asad Shah the false prophet) but we do not deplore his actions as our hero is one who killed 35000 qadiyanies in the Battle of Yamama. (Referring to first caliph of Islam Sayyudna Hazrat Siddiq E Akbar when his army killed followers of false prophet Musailma Kazzab)
  • The judges of supreme of court refused to accept eleven verdicts of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him) representing the view blood of blasphemy committer goes wasted and no qisas or blood money punishment for his killer. (Referring to judicial murder committed by the supreme court of Pakistan in case of Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri Shaheed)
  • The judges of supreme court laughed and said, “Is it possible for someone to hurt Allah?”, when the following verse was presented to them, ان الذين يؤذون اللہ ورسولہ لعنہم اللہ في الدنيا والآخرۃ واعد لہم عذابا مہينا (الاحزاب-57). It is the worst thing that can happen in Islamic Pakistan. It is the result of counterfieted version of Islam preached by us clerics and guides.
  • O Rulers, It is understandable that daughters of Kashmir, Burma and Syria have no rights on you but what happened in case of Dr. Afia Siddiqi. She is Pakistani and sentenced to 80 years of prison for a crime she did not commit. Why can’t you help her either. You could not do so much as to write a letter for pardon request ot Obama. (Referring to a video clip by Afia’s lawyer stating that Obama administration had shown signs that they might pardon Afia at end of Obama’s presidency if Pakistan Government request so. But according to her Sharif brothers even failed to do so. It is even more shameful that Afia’s sister Dr. Fozia Siddiqi states that Nawaz party had promised her mother to help for release of Dr. Afia Siddiqi. )
  • O people do not be afraid of villians. Islam does not take lives of your sons. If it ever does, it pays in full values. Islam took the life of Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri but raised him to such high honor. Six million people attended the funeral of a mere police constable despite road blockage, petrol pumps shut down and media boycott and various other mean tricks used by the government.
  • There is just one punishment for whoever tries to disrespects our most respectful Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him). That is decapitation!
  • There is no problem of harmony between the Christians and the Muslims. Either take me to Yohanna abad or take a Christian in front of me. We have no animosity. When it is time of my arrival, the Christian sweeper lady comes to my car as she knows I would give some money to her. There is absolutely no case of persecution of Christians. However if someone talks bad words about our beloved Prophet (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him), he can not remain alive.
  • On the day of conquest of Mecca, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him) found a bitch with cubs in the path of his ten thousand followers. He instructed a man to stand by her and divert the followers so as no one mistakenly harms her or her cubs. On the other hand a blasphemer poet by name of Abdullah ibne Khattal was killed in the Holy Kabba when he tried to get protection in its curtains. (Blasphemy is such a big crime that not even Kabba protects such a person. Had he came to the the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him) asking for forgiveness he would surely have met a different fate as it happened to Ka’b bin Zuhayr.)

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