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madani channel logoWatch live Madani Channel by dawat-e-Islami in Pakistan and all over the world the most famous and the best source of Islamic information. Best Islamic TV Online in Pakistan by the not profit organization dawat-e-Islami. This is the beloved channel of My Hero Mumtaz Qadri Shaheed

To the preaching of Quran and Sunni is a universal, non-political and peaceful movement. to the base Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Attari Qadri of 1981 laid in. However, the invitation message of Islam to the world nearly 200 countries I have reached. invited the more than 92 departments is carrying out religious services. At writing to approximately 200 countries in more than 92 sectors of carrying out the task of preaching Islam.

Is a peaceful way to convey non-Muslims. Civil convoy are held in Pakistan and around the world are hyn.alaqahy, district level, division level, subahy levels and annual international gatherings. Watch live madani channel dawateislami online.

Madani Channel live by Dawat-e-islami